Kelly R. Little is a Program Supervisor for Mecklenburg County Child Support Enforcement. Mr. Little leads an Intake Locate team and is responsible for co-leading the following department initiatives; Responsible Fatherhood and Moms as a Gateway. He is uniquely positioned to assist fathers and families in addressing challenges and barriers that prevent them from being a part of their children’s life, this is accomplished through multiple interventions that empower and educate fathers on Child Support law. His exceptional leadership and family focused approach to serving fathers and families have been transformational in shifting the paradigm of Child Support service delivery in North Carolina. The approach utilized by his agency has galvanized support and credibility within a previously skeptical community.

Mr. Little’s passion for this work is a direct result of an absent father in his life. The village approach drives him daily. This is why he serves on various committees that focus on fatherhood education, workforce development, strengthening families, inspiring youth, and advocating for catalyzing change/dismantling racism. He is a leader in a Charlotte’s movement to elevate fatherhood and educate the community around Child Support and fathers’ rights. He frequently presents at state and local conferences, on the importance of collaboration, fathers, and “Mom as Gateway, not Gatekeeper” a National Fatherhood Initiative curriculum.

Kelly is a 25 year veteran of the US Army/Army National Guard. He has served honorably in numerous wars and is a decorated service member who was medically retired in 2013, as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. He completed his career as a Senior Instructor at the NC Military Academy in Ft. Bragg, NC.

Since working for Mecklenburg County, some of his goals have been achieved; however, he is committed to developing others, changing the perception of child support and helping Mecklenburg County Child Support become recognized as one of the pre-eminent programs in the nation around collaboration and strengthening families through holistic service delivery.

Mr. Little’s diverse background includes consulting with at risk youth, empowering fathers, educating mothers, collaborating with practitioners, and laser-focused commitment to transformational service delivery for children and families!

Kelly has over 19 years of public administration experience in both state and local government.  He completed his Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Government. Presently he is pursuing a dual masters degree in Leadership with a focus on Human Resources.