Founded Creciendo Unidos in 1995. Oversees the day to day life of the organization, develops and implements strategies to sustain and expand CU’s work and continues developing and improving prevention and intervention programs to support Latino families. Has a background in psychology and over 25 years of experience in the mental health field, working with families facing domestic violence, substance abuse and other needs that negatively impact the family nucleus. Her work with Hispanic families has gained national recognition as a best practice model.

My Hero is: I have many heroes, people that have transcended because of their devotion to a cause, that have fought and sacrificed their personal life so that the community as a whole could benefit for example Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez etc. Then there are people like my grandfather and my father that regardless of their needs they never stopped giving. My husband is also someone that is constantly seeking to help others and my mother always thinking of everyone else and all those individuals that are fighting to be better.
In my free time I love to: I like to read, to be with my family, playing racquetball… but particularly l love my quiet time, doing absolutely nothing.
Why I do what I do: It’s the only way I can live my life, I love life and I love to experience it.
One unique thing about me is: I have this weird internal chip where I’m always trying to solve things.