Charles Dillon holds the position of Director of Workforce Readiness and Self Sufficiency with Anthem Strong Families Dallas. With the goal of improving opportunities for client self-sufficiency, he serves as a liaison among community-based organizations, governmental entities, educational and health care institutions, workforce development initiatives, mental health agencies, and private industry. He is responsible for the development and build-out of effective client services systems through leadership, administrative management, and the implementation of quality programming. Presently, he also oversees and ensures contract compliance involving case management and supportive services offered through partner agencies. In September 2012, he joined Anthem Strong Families in his present position after overseeing the service contract with Anthem Strong Families for two years with DOORS.

Previously, Mr. Dillon served as program director and COO for two other organizations servicing formerly incarcerated persons returning to society and their families through mentoring, workforce readiness training, housing assistance, educational/vocational referrals, support groups, and case management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Administration, and a Master’s degree in Community and Agency Counseling. He is an offender workforce development specialist, a certified anger resolution therapist, LSCMI trainer, and a certified mentor trainer. His 30 years of career experiences includes probation and parole, corporate security, interview/interrogation training, client assessments, applicant screening, and program development for at-risk families.

Mr. Dillon has served in the role of speaker, facilitator, and trainer on many occasions for local organizations ranging from churches, community based organizations, and youth development programs to conferences hosted by Dallas County Community College District, U.S. Federal Probation, and Texas Workforce. In 2009, Mr. Dillon presented before the Texas State Legislative Committee on Strengthening Families in an attempt to secure policy changes involving divorce intervention. For five years and prior to defunding in 2011, he and his wife, Dianne, served as facilitators of a monthly pre-marital workshop funded through the State of Texas called Two-gether In Texas. He has been married to Dianne for 33 years and they are the parents of one son, Kevin, a graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology. Mr. Dillon has been an active community volunteer serving at-risk youth for over 25 years in the role of mentor, coach, and advocate.