After attending Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington as a Social Work major, Carrie Ann Baker spent 13 years traveling with a professional repertory theater company performing across the United States in theaters, schools, community centers, churches, and even prisons. Upon settling in Portland, Oregon, she began working with Northwest Family Services as a Family and relationship Educator, a perfect blend of her education and theater experience. Carrie Ann has helped develop many of the current workshop offerings in the Lasting relationships project of NWFS, and as one of the identified Best Practices programs by the U.S. Administration for Children and Families, has helped in reaching over 2,000 families annually. She has been a featured artist with a small gallery in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland with her Batik work, a fabric art utilizing a process of waxing and dyeing cloth. Together with her husband, she can be found enjoying playing games with friends or singing the night away at Karaoke.