a foundation of
Mountain movers. Earth shakers. Disruptors of the status quo.

Since 2012, CFUF’s Practitioners Leadership Institute (PLI) has been empowering, educating and strengthening practitioners who are bringing new ideas and fresh solutions in the areas of responsible fatherhood, workforce development and family strengthening. PLI’s eyes are on the Baltimore-area grassroots practitioners who are fearlessly serving our community, striving to better the world that serves Baltimore’s Boys & Men of Color (BMOC).

changing lives. sharing gifts. creating leaders.

PLI takes your brilliance and cranks it to the next level. Through our 7-month cohort, your eyes and mind will be opened to new ideas, and you will find that what you thought was your capacity for leadership was only the start.

Baltimore Strong: Nationally Supported.

Since its inception in 2012, PLI has guided leaders like you to create great things, across the country and beyond. In 2018, we focused our efforts on home, and are now empowering grassroots practitioners in our own backyard.

We’re More Than Just a Kick Start. Let’s Grow Together.

PLI is here beyond what you’ve learned during the Academy experience. In fact, we are here year-round, offering hands-on training and support in the fields of responsible fatherhood, healthy relationships and workforce development to practitioners just like you.

Creating Tomorrow’s Difference Makers

Dreams. Heart-driven initiatives.

Today’s leaders are looking for the tools to make their plans reality, and the PLI Academy is here to facilitate that with meaningful, direct dialog and training. Are you ready? Because PLI and CFUF need people like you, today and for the future.

After graduating five cohorts of national practitioners, PLI has turned its focus to local grassroots leaders here in Baltimore. The seven-month academy features a collaboration between the University of Baltimore and the Community Law Center, exclusively supporting local leaders whose efforts impact Boys and Men of Color.

Building a model for
Fatherhood Engagement

Baltimore City Head Start + Father Engagement initiative forges a model for a deep impact on children, families, and the community. Join us in fostering lasting changes through active fatherhood engagement.

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